RIP Kenny Baker

R2-D2 was always my favorite. His design was amazing and he kicked more ass in Star Wars than many of the main characters.  Let’s count the hits:

  1. He had the Death Star plans shoved in him. You have the blue prints of the only potential weakness of the greatest super weapon ever devised and you’re about to get caught. Who you gonna trust with that? 3PO? Of course not.
  2. He saved everybody in the Death Star trash compactor. Our heroes were about to get crushed. 3PO was panicking. Again. R2 to the rescue. Get used to this.
  3. He gets shot in the head by Darth fucking Vader’s TIE fighter in the trench run. And lives. In fact, in the next scene he’s polished to a dull glow and looking better than ever.
  4. He saves everyone’s ass on Bespin. Several times. He opens the locked door to the hangar bay of the Millennium Falcon while getting shot at by a garrison of stormtroopers. He spins around and throws up a smoke screen for cover while everyone else is hauling ass. Then he fixes the hyperdrive on the Millennium Falcon. You know, that thing that’s been busted for the whole damn movie. No sweat. He just fixes it. Seriously, watch this sequence. Are you not a fan yet?
  5. He’s got Luke’s lightsaber stashed in him. Jabba's palace: Han is frozen, Leia is caught and wearing a metal bikini. Luke gets nabbed. But it was all part of the plan. Again, who are you gonna trust with that plan? 3PO?
  6. Endor. He buzz saws the Ewok net trap thing, attacks his Ewok captors with a cattle prod, and gets shot AGAIN at the bunker battle. So he’s been shot twice in the original trilogy. 3PO gets shot, he flies apart.
  7. He has no arms. Seriously. No. Fucking. Arms. He’s got gadgets. He’s got sensors. He helps you fly an X-wing. He has no arms.

Kenny Baker was the guy inside the robot. The guy who gave him movement and character, made him breathe (I know droids don’t need to breathe, you know what I mean). Also he was in Time Bandits, which is a bitchen movie and you should see it.