Sharing Etiquette

Oh good, another blog. One more dipshit screaming his opinion that he thinks is somehow relevant into the wilderness that is the internet.

So. Blog. I saw my friend’s work posted on someone else's gallery recently. The postee gave credit to the gallery he found it on (not the original artist) and actually cropped out the artist’s watermark. So I figured my inaugural blog post should be about Sharing Etiquette.

Sharing is a great way of promoting your artist friends. Most of us really like it when people share our work. It means more eyeballs on our artwork and thats always a good thing. So the first rule of sharing an artist’s work is this: Don’t be an asshole.  If you see an “@“ on somebody’s art work, there’s a reason its there. If someone sees my art anywhere other than my gallery, and they think it’s the greatest piece of art that’s ever been produced by humans (fuck you, it could happen), then they can follow that @ back to my gallery for more stuff like it. So don’t crop it out because it’s important to the artist.

Lots of people ask permission to share before they do it. Though that’s not necessary for me, I really appreciate being asked. Because no art is free. There is always a cost and that cost is usually time. And I don’t mean the time it took the artist to produce the actual piece in question. I’m talking about the time every artist has spent in order to just be able to make art. Thousands of hours have gone into every artist’s skill sets. Usually thousands of lonely hours with nothing but the TV and the cat to keep them company. But when you ask if it’s cool to share something, it says that you know that fact and that you acknowledge that time and it speaks volumes.

Lastly, I like to be tagged in the photo. You can say “art by so-and-so” in the comments section, but when you tag me like it’s a photo of me, Instagram gives me a little heads up in the “Photos of You” section. From there I can see if other followers like it. I’m not an internationally renown artist and as such, I don’t have any way to gauge the success of a particular drawing in any way other than likes. If I get a bunch of likes, I can then figure if I should make more similar drawings, or perhaps make a t-shirt or mug or some shit of it.

So to sum up:
Don’t be an asshole.
Ask permission
Don’t crop out the watermark or “@“
Tag the artist

And if you have any comments about stuff that you see shared in another’s gallery, please refer to rule #1. Seriously, if you don’t like the art that’s being shared, you don’t HAVE to comment. The person sharing obviously likes it and you saying “this is shitty art” isn’t going to ingratiate you to anyone. There is no fucking up side to commenting negative thoughts. I had someone complain that my Star Wars Cat Names drawing was terrible and the account that shared it could “do better.”

Fuck you, I stand by Empurror Meowpatine.