From the Case Files of Harryhausen - Private Eye

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1948. Booze, dames, magic wands. Anything is possible in Enchanted Los Angeles. Harryhausen is a private eye. He's also a cyclops. Six-foot two, eye of blue. He's seen it all with his one good peeper and has a nose for trouble. But when an average breaking and entering case for a family of well-to-do bears unravels into a smuggling ring of illegal merchandise of the magical variety, Harryhausen finds himself dealing with the seedy underworld of fairy tale land. From down and out speak easies to the glitz and glamour of the Grand Ball, Harryhausen’s investigations take him on a collision course with the king pin of crime, known only as The Godmother.

Could this be Harryhausen's unhappily ever after...?

(126 pages, paperback, written and illustrated by Zack Morrissette)